mandag den 13. juni 2011

My Showreels

Rie Nymand is an award-winning danish animator. She has a bachelor degree in Character Animation Of Arts from The Animation Workshop in Viborg january 2011. She animates both 2D, 3D and Stop- motion animation, for computergames, features, shortfilms and advertisement.
Rie also creates illustrations, build/sculpture puppets and have interest for filmmaking and production management.

During her jobs, Rie has had serval lead rolls as an animator, and she has also worked as an assistant instructor, scripter and make up artist on Johan Oettingers Award Winning short movie "Seven Minutes In The Warsaw Ghetto".

Her latest job was as a pixilation animator on "Peter P" small series for children's televison, DR Ramasjang.

"Rie is a hard working and curious animator, we loved working with her. Her openness and her good spirit is an asset for any production"

Filmproducer and consultant Ellen Birgitte Riis, Basmati Film, Århus